Thursday, August 23, 2012

Puppy updates!

Mr Full collar, who we will call Dexter for now, is still here and looking for his new homel.  The perfect home will come along when it is right. 

Mr. Sprocket went to his new home last weekend...He has his own family with two parent, 3 kids, a lab and pomeranian.  So far looks like he is settling in well.  Taken over the Labs bed, making the pom jealous and being a typical corgi puppy....

Aria now Abby is doing  very well in her new home.  Loves going out on adventures and meeting and greeting new people every day.

Spade now Opie is doing well in his new home and having a great time

Vest now known as Radar is living up in the Northwest, loves going hiking and going to the beach.

Opie, previously Diamond  is living  in Vegas  with his own girl and doing great.

Jack the first puppy to go to a new home is doing great down in Tucson and  has Triplets teenage girls to keep him entertained!

Hugo, formerlly Wanna is doing Great, already learning sit, down and stay.  Loves to swim and we get to see him as he lives close by.

That leaves

Lighting now known as Donovan and Spots who will end up eithr Dillon or Dominick ( probably Dillon as we have a puppy in the last litter named Dominick).  They are staying here at least for now and love playing with the big dogs, playing in their pool and lounging out in the ac during the day. 

Will post pictures of the puppies as we get updates in!

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